Council agrees transparency rules for securities financing transactions: The Permanent Representatives Committee has agreed, on behalf of the Council, its negotiating position on a draft Regulation intended to improve transparency of securities lending and repurchase transactions. The draft introduces measures to:

  • monitor the build-up of systemic risks in the financial system related to securities financing transactions;
  • ensure disclosure of information relating to such transactions to investors whose assets are employed in them; and
  • increase the transparency of rehypothecation activities - a practice whereby banks/brokers reuse clients' collateral for their own purposes.

The agreement means that negotiations can begin as soon as the negotiating team of the European Parliament is entrusted with a mandate. The intention is to adopt the regulation at first reading. (Source:Council Agrees Transparency Rules for Securities Financing Transactions)

Presidency publishes PSD 2 compromise: The Council has published a further compromise proposal from the Presidency for the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD 2). (Source: Presidency Publishes PSD 2 Compromise)

Presidency publishes benchmarks Regulation compromise: The Council has published a compromise text from the Presidency for the proposed Regulation on indices used as benchmarks.  (Source: Presidency Publishes Benchmark Regulation Compromise)