Global demand for oil is down; supplies are at record highs. Market values of many oil & gas companies are half of what they were six months ago. Add to this the constant need for capital required for exploration, drilling and replacement of existing reserves, to say nothing of developing new reserves, and you have a perfect storm of illiquidity. Compounding this is the global banking crisis which has resulted in a spider web of banking regulations governing how banks and other institutions conduct their business; this only adds to the liquidity challenge. How will this be overcome? Alternative Capital Structures are an important financing tool too often overlooked and may be the solution. Receive current practical advice with respect to Alternative Capital Structures, including hearing from Christopher Thurn, Head of Capital Markets at ISM Capital in London England, a world leader in this segment.
This seminar will address:

  • Why you should consider an Alternative  Capital Structure
  • What are some of the Alternative Capital Structures that are suitable for oil and gas companies
  • Hurdles faced from a regulatory and energy perspective, and how to overcome these
  • Lessons learned from the US/UK experience
  • 5 important considerations when selecting a  partner to provide an Alternative Capital Structure
  • Key deal points when negotiating Alternative  Capital Structures