At FCA's June Board meeting, in addition to the rules on AIFMD implementation summarised above, it made:

  • the Authorised Contractual Schemes (Handbook Amendments) Instrument 2011: this amends several modules of the Handbook (most significantly COLL) from 1 July to reflect FCA's new ability to authorise co-ownership schemes and limited partnership schemes as authorised collective investment schemes;
  • the Periodic Fees (2013/2014 and Other Fees) Instrument 2013: this takes effect from 1 July and sets out FCA's regulatory fees and levies rules for the 2013/14 year. The rules cover FCA, the FOS general levy and the levy to the Money Advice Service;
  • the Dispute Resolution: Complaints (Amendment No 6) Instrument 2013: this is an instrument made by FOS and approved by FCA and amends the scope of FOS to reflect legislative changes; and
  • the Handbook Administration (No 30) Instrument 2013: this also amends several modules of the Handbook to amend minor inaccuracies and to update references. It also takes effect from 1 July.

(Source: FCA Handbook Notice Number 3)