Statistics released by the UK Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show that UK residents are buying more fruit and vegetables, with 2005-06 seeing the largest increase in purchases in the last twenty years.

The Expenditure and Food Survey also shows that people are buying less confectionery and soft drinks, and less alcoholic drinks both for the household and in pubs and restaurants.

Comparing 2005-06 with the previous year:

  • quantities of fruit and vegetables, excluding potatoes, purchased for the household were 7.7 per cent higher in 2005-06, continuing an increasing trend;
  • household expenditure rose by 12.9 per cent for fruit and by 6.3 per cent for vegetables, excluding potatoes;
  • quantities of confectionery purchased for the household fell by 6.1 per cent in 2005-06, following small rises in recent years;
  • household expenditure fell by 7.7 per cent for confectionery and by 5.7 per cent for soft drinks; and
  • since last year household and eating out consumption of alcoholic drink has dropped by 3.1 per cent.