The title says it all really - DCLG is consulting on what they term a "technical change" to Annex B of PPS3. The proposal is that affordable rent should be included within the definition of affordable housing. In the spending review, it was announced that a new "affordable rent product" would become available and this change to PPS3 is part of that initiative.

In essence this will allow properties provided by Registered Providers and rented at 80% of gross market rents to be "affordable" for PPS3 purposes. Here is the proposed definition;

Affordable rented housing

Rented housing provided by registered providers of social housing, that has the same characteristics as social rented housing except that it is outside the national rent regime, but is subject to other rent controls that require it to be offered to eligible households at a rent of up to 80 per cent of local market rents

The scope of the consultation is very narrow - it does not seek views on the affordable rent product but only whether the change is sufficiently clear.