【Data Source: Website of the SIPO of P.R.C.】

The SIPO announced that Beijing Operation Fund for Intellectual Properties in Key Industries was established on December 31, 2015. This Fund is formed as a partnership of limited liability for a term of 10 years. According to the plan, its size will reach RMB 1 billion. Currently, the initial RMB 400 million has been fully subscribed, wherein, a governmental guidance funds of RMB 95 million was invested by the three-level fiscal systems from the P.R.C. central government, the Beijing Municipal Government, and part of the Zhongguanchun Hi-Tech Park Administrative Committee, which led to the investment of RMB 305 million from the key industrial enterprises, IP service institutions and investment institutions, etc.

The Beijing Intellectual Property Office and the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau jointly raised this Fund according to the Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Intellectual Property Office Concerning the Promotion of Intellectual Property Operation Services through Marketization Approach in 2015. Subsequently, social capitals will be continuously introduced into this Fund based on the principle of "governmental guidance, social participation and marketized operation" to achieve the effective conjunction of capitals with its aimed project, so as to promote the market competency, creativity momentum, and innovation efficiency of Beijing’s enterprises which have core intellectual property rights in the key industries.

During its initial phase, the Fund will be focused on mobile internet and biomedicine industries by investing mainly in these two industries’ enterprises with core patents and high value patent portfolio, promising market prospect and high growth potentiality that are in their initial or growing stage, or intellectual property operation institutions with distinct features in the fields of corresponding industries. In a phase-by-phase equity participation manner, the Fund will invest into respective intellectual property operation funds of corresponding industrial fields to support the initiation of new intellectual property operation funds, and will be withdrawn within an agreed term.

A relevant person in charge from the Beijing Intellectual Property Office stated that: "Recently, Beijing has commited in exploration of the utilization of intellectual properties in a number of ways such as commercialization of patents, patent insurance, intellectual property mortgage financing, etc. To cooperate with the construction of operation system of intellectual properties, the efforts were focused on the pertinent study on the establishment of Beijing IP operation funds. The establishment of Operation Fund for Intellectual Properties in Key Industries at this time will pay more attention on the IP elements in the industrial development, serve the management of intellectual property rights in various national key projects, foster the operation of high value patents, closely connect to various principal innovators in the Zhongguanchun Hi-Tech Park, forcefully drive the Fund to serve the universities, research institutes and innovative enterprises in this capital city, facilitate the incorporation among 'manufacturers, universities and research institutes', so as to promote the creation and utilization capabilities of intellectual properties in our national key industrial fields."