The General Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CGEDD) has just released a report entitled "Prospective Reflection on a Noise Reduction Policy". This report was requested by the former Minister of Environment, Energy and the Sea, Ségolène Royal, by letter of mission of February 10, 2017, after a report prepared by the ADEME and the National Council noise has estimated the social cost of noise pollution at 57 billion euros per year. The CGEDD recommends, at the end of its report, "a noise policy more audible" and it makes ten recommendations, some of which concern the law of urbanism and the law of construction. 

In terms of urban planning, the CGEDD notes that noise is still poorly integrated into urban planning and development. He proposes to remedy this by integrating a "noise component" into the PLUs. Local authorities are also invited to define in the PLUs restrictions on the use of construction in highly exposed areas, to spare sensitive audiences, and to define urban development guidelines, integrating noise into the criteria for building. quality of life (recommendation 6).  In the field of construction, the report proposes to create a new system for monitoring compliance with building regulations, ensuring that housing conforms to regulations, particularly in terms of acoustics, if this control is currently insufficient or non-existent (recommendation no. ° 7). Then, the noise should be integrated in the processes of improvement of the habitat under the energy transition (article 14 of the law n ° 2015-992 of August 17, 2015 relating to the energy transition for the green growth), as well than in projects carried by Anah (recommendation 8). Finally, it notes the need to mobilize and train the building sector on the acoustic issue, with a view to developing a label on the acoustic comfort of housing (DHUP, CSTB) (recommendation n ° 9). Now we have to follow the use that will be made of this report.

Prospective reflection on a policy to reduce noise pollution, Report n ° 011057-01, drawn up by Cécile AVEZARD (coordinator), Sylvain LEBLANC and Michel ROSTAGNAT