The MET rate of 9% will still continue to apply to turnover up to EUR 7,000.

  • The additional MET rate of 2% for each additional employee will not apply if the number of employees in a tax year exceeds five persons, and the number of employees increases by one or two persons compared to the pre-taxation year (only those employees who have been employed for at least six months will be taken into account).
  • The present additional MET rate of 20% specified in the MET Law will not apply to excessive turnover exceeding the LVL 70,000 (EUR 99,601) threshold if the increase of turnover constitutes less than 30% compared with the pre-taxation period.
  • As from 1 January 2015, if the turnover of a micro-enterprise in a calendar year exceeds EUR 7,000, the following additional MET rates will apply to the excess:
    • in 2015 – 11%;
    • in 2016 – 13%;
    • starting 1 January 2017 – 15%.
  • It is planned to introduce an additional obligation to inform the SRS about hours worked by employees of a micro-enterprise.