Gordon Smith, a Republican and former two-term United States senator from the State of Oregon, has been appointed by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) as the organization’s next CEO and president. Smith, who lost his bid for a third Senate term in the 2008 elections, is considered well-versed on broadcast media issues, having served as a member of the Senate Commerce and Finance Committees and as chairman of the Senate’s high-tech task force. Effective November 1, he will officially replace former NAB President and CEO David Rehr who resigned from the NAB in May. Commenting on the selection, NAB Chairman Steve Newberry described Smith as “a statesman, not a partisan” who is adept at forging alliances on both sides of the political aisle, adding: “he sees that we have an industry that’s free and an industry that’s wireless and that we need to remain at the forefront of American consumers’ choices.” Although Smith is prohibited under congressional ethics rules from lobbying his former Senate colleagues for two years after leaving Capitol Hill, an NAB board member predicted that Smith is unlikely “to be hamstrung by the limitations that he’ll have to deal with.” Welcoming the appointment, Smith said, “I look forward to articulating to public policymakers the unique and positive role played by local and network broadcasters in the fabric of American society.”