Registration regardless of length of stay

All foreign nationals working or studying in the Bangalore region of India are now required to register their stay with the Bangalore Foreigners' Regional Registration Office (FRRO), even though their length of stay in India may be less than 180 days.  Dependant family members are not subject to this new restriction, as they are only required to register with the FRRO if their intended stay in the country is longer than 180 days.

New requirements for current employment visa holders

The Bangalore FRRO has also set forth new requirements for foreign employment visa holders, who are either registering their stay or applying for extension at the Bangalore FRRO office. 

Foreign employment visa holders registering with the Bangalore FRRO must now submit the following:

  • A copy of their PAN Card (Indian tax identification card) or receipt confirming that an application for the card has been appropriately made; and
  • Declaration from sponsoring employer in India confirming that no suitable Indian worker was available to fill their current position.

Foreign employment visa holders who wish to extend their work authorization in Bangalore, but who were not earning at least $25,000 USD annually (minimum salary requirement for foreign nationals entering India to work) at the time entry of into India, must submit the following:

  • Letter from the relevant Provident Fund (PF) office confirming that the foreign worker is now receiving the minimum requirement of $25,000 annually.  

Additionally, the Bangalore FRRO has stated that the detailed salary information required for all Indian employment visas must be submitted on the Indian sponsoring employer's letterhead, bearing the company seal and authorized signature.

Accompanying spouses of employment visa holders also affected

When registering their stay with the Bangalore FRRO, the accompanying spouses of employment visa holders must now submit the following:

  • Personal declaration confirming that they will not engage in any business- or work-related activity during their stay in India.
  • Marriage certificate, confirming bona fide marriage to the principal employment visa holder.