Baker & McKenzie, together with World Business Chicago, will host Sen. Richard Durbin in Chicago on Monday for a forum on the future of US-Cuba Relations and doing business there.

The senator will share his views on the normalization of relations between the two countries, and what he anticipates for the future. He will also speak on global commerce issues and the impact on the business community.

Some key facts about relations between Cuba and the US:

  • In December, President Obama announced historic changes in US policy toward Cuba.
  • On May 29, Cuba was removed from the State Department List of State Sponsors of Terrorism.
  • Embassies in Havana and Washington re-opened on July 20.
  • The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015, of which Sen. Durbin is a co-sponsor, would remove prohibitions and restrictions on travel to Cuba by US citizens or residents. Also, the Cuba Trade Act of 2015 would repeal or amend current laws restricting trade with Cuba.

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