Reinsurer Homeowner’s Choice Property and Casualty Insurance Company entered into a one-year broker authorization contract with Aon Benenfield. The contract contained a revenue-sharing agreement (“RSA”) under which Aon was to pay Homeowners a portion of the commissions it earned from placing Homeowners’ reinsurance. Homeowners declined to renew the contract when the one-year term expired. Aon refused to pay Homeowners revenue-sharing, claiming that the RSA was contingent upon Homeowners renewing the contract. Homeowners sued, seeking payment under the RSA. An Illinois federal court granted summary judgment in Homeowners’ favor, awarding Homeowners what it was due under the RSA. After holding that the RSA should be construed against drafter AON under Illinois law, the court found that there was no clear intent by the parties to make revenue-sharing payments contingent upon Homeowner’s renewal. Homeowners Choice, Inc. v. AON Benfield, Inc., Case No. 10 C 7700 (USDC N.D. Ill. Mar. 29, 2013).