A San Francisco Superior Court judge has reportedly upheld a local ordinance extending San Francisco’s ban on non-compostable plastic checkout bags to all retail stores and food establishments and imposing a 10-cent charge on other bags provided to consumers. The September 12, 2012, ruling allows the city to begin enforcing the ordinance. Beginning October 1, the ban applies to all retailers, and beginning July 1, 2013, retail food establishments will also be subject to the ban.

In March 2003, the San Francisco Commission on the Environment decided to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2020. The commission directed the Department of Environment to develop policies and programs to achieve that goal, including increasing producer and consumer responsibility, so that all discarded materials would be diverted from landfill disposal through recycling, composting or other means. According to press reports, the ruling is expected to be appealed by plastic bag manufacturers. See Environmental News Service, September 17, 2012.