On April 25, 2013, the Congress published Act n. 24, which postponed Provisory Act n. 609/2013 for 60 days. It reduces to zero the rates of Contribution to PIS/PASEP, COFINS, Contribution to PIS/PASEP-Importation and COFINS-Importation levied on the revenue resulting from domestic sale or import of items considered as basic food items.

(Act of the President of the Congress n. 24, 2013, Official Gazette, 04.25.2013. Avaiable at: <http://www2.camara.leg.br/legin/fed/atoprtm/2013/atodopresidentedamesa-24-24-abril-2013-775851-norma-cn.html>. Accessed in: April, 2013).