? We have reported on ongoing events in the corruption investigation involving former officials of the UAW and the labor relations staff at Fiat Chrysler and a UAW training center in Michigan. At last report, we expected more indictments. Now “in the docks” is former senior UAW official Keith Mickens, the fifth person to be indicted. According to the Detroit News, Mr. Mickens is accused of buying luggage, electronics, designer clothes, and golf equipment with training center funds in excess of $7,500, and also with facilitating unlawful payments for the personal expenses of others who were involved in the corrupt scheme. Mr. Mickens was the president of a charity set up by a now‐deceased UAW vice‐president, which allegedly funneled payments from Fiat‐Chrysler to the vice president. Mr. Mickens is expected to plead guilty. The UAW, for its part, has continued to assert that the corruption scheme was confined to a few bad actors and that no collective bargaining agreements were compromised as a result of the corruption. There is surely more to come on this.