One of the requirements of indefinite leave to remain and naturalisation applications is the demonstration of good character.  The Home Office will check with the police and may contact other government departments as part of the character check.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 allows for some criminal convictions to be disregarded after a rehabilitation period.  Provided there are no further convictions, some convictions can become 'spent' and, with certain exceptions, need not be disclosed in certain situations, for example, when applying for a job and, previously, in immigration and nationality applications.

In October 2012, new legislation came into force which affects immigrants applying for settlement and naturalisation. 

Those migrants wishing to apply for settlement and/or naturalisation who have committed an offence in any country, however minor, should carefully consider how to disclose their offences so as to put forth as strong an application as possible.

Please click here, for further information on the criteria for refusals.