A new article titled "Charging Service" regarding electric vehicles and charging stations has been added to the Electricity Market Law No. 6446, with the Law Amending Certain Laws No. 7346, published in the Official Gazette dated 25 December 2021 and numbered 31700.

The newly added article requires charging services to be carried out under a charging network operator license and in accordance with secondary regulations to be introduced to regulate this area in further detail. A charging network operator license holder will have the right and authority to procure establishment or operation of charging stations and conclude loyalty agreements with electric vehicle users.

The primary responsibility for the provision of the charging service will be on the charging network operator license holder. Individual charging station operators are to be authorized by a certificate to be issued by the charging network operator pursuant to the terms and conditions to be determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

The fact that charging services may be provided by a certified charging station operator will not relieve charging network operator license holders from their obligations and liability arising from applicable laws and regulations.

Charging fees may be determined freely within the framework of the procedures and principles prepared by the Electricity Market Regulatory Authority.

The secondary regulations, which will include more detail regarding the charging service, will enter into force until 25 March 2022. Persons currently engaged in charging service activities will be obliged to comply with the new legislation within four months from the date of entry into force of these secondary regulations to be issued.