TripAdvisor reviews of hotels can be useful, but often raise more doubts about the reviewer than the reviewed. Richard Gollin, owner of a small guesthouse in Uig on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, had more than a few doubts: he claimed that comments about his establishment on the site were clearly false, given that the reviewer hadn’t even been in the guesthouse on the dates indicated in the review. Gollin sued TripAdvisor in small claims court, seeking £2,000 in damages for lost business. TripAdvisor challenged the claim on jurisdictional grounds, arguing that it was not subject to the law of Scotland. Gollin’s counsel pointed out that TripAdvisor has an office in London, which put the defendant within the jurisdiction of the UK; given that the delict (tort) occurred in Scotland, the Scottish court was the logical forum. The advantage may have shifted back to TripAdvisor, which successfully managed to have the claim punted to a higher court, a move Gollin says may expose him to greater costs than he can bear and force him to drop the lawsuit.  

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