On 27 January 2011, the European Commission published a ‘Green Paper’ on a review and modernisation of the EU’s procurement rules. The consultation document covers a wide range of issues for potential legislative reform including:

  • The scope of the public procurement directives;  
  • Whether the rules should be simplified and how this can be done without jeopardising equal treatment, non-discrimination and transparency;  
  • Whether there should be changes to procurement procedures;  
  • Whether the value thresholds should be increased;  
  • How to take into account access for small and medium-sized bidders;  
  • Whether the rules should be further adapted to take into account objectives such as environmental protection, social considerations and innovation; and  
  • A review of the rules on exclusion from bidding.  

Interested parties are asked to submit contributions to the Commission by 18 April 2011 on all, or any, of the questions posed in the consultation paper.

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