A new Danish Trademark Act was implemented on January 1, 2019. Among the significant changes are:

  • Filing fees are now charged per class (previously, the same fee was charged for the first three classes).
  • The following types of marks may now be registered: Shape, position, pattern, single colors or combination of colors, sound, motion, multimedia (combination of image and sound), holograms.
  • Fast-track applications are possible without extra official fees if the application covers only official Nice Classification terms and the applicant does not request a search report.
  • The PTO will make search reports available for non-fast track applications, consisting of hits without comment, as part of the standard fee. For an additional fee of about US $108 on filing, applicants can also order search reports with comments.
  • Registration certificates will issue on final registration (previously, they issued on publication).
  • The 10-year renewal period is now calculated from the application date.
  • As of July 1, 2019, renewal fees will be charged per class.
  • A trademark used in connection with counterfeit goods in transit constitutes infringement if the mark is registered and the goods in transit are part of a commercial operation (as opposed to goods for private purposes).
  • Trademark rights based on use without registration continue to be recognized under specific conditions.