On September 24, the FDIC released the second quarter 2021 Quarterly Banking Profile for FDIC-insured institutions, reporting an aggregate net income of $70.4 billion in the second quarter 2021, which is an increase of $51.9 billion (281 percent) from the same quarter a year ago. The FDIC emphasized, among other things, that community banks reported year-over-year quarterly net income growth of $1.9 billion (28.7 percent) in second quarter 2021, despite a narrower net interest margin. In addition, the FDIC noted that the Deposit Insurance Fund totaled $120.5 billion at the end of second quarter 2021, an increase of $1.2 billion from the previous quarter. The featured article, The Importance of Technology Investments for Community Bank Lending and Deposit Taking During the Pandemic, reported that community banks that invested more in technology generally noted quicker loan and deposit growth in 2020 than banks with less technology investment did. Faster loan growth for community banks with greater technology investment stemmed from participation in the Paycheck Protection Program, according to the article.