As reported in the August, 2015 edition of our Competition News Bulletin, the CCI passed a final order dated July 17, 2015 against Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) for abusing its dominant position in supply of its spare parts and maintenance services.

HMIL had appealed an earlier decision of the Madras High Court which had held that the CCI had jurisdiction to expand the scope of the case against car manufacturers to include Hyundai. Through its order dated April 13, 2015, the Court had directed CCI to continue the inquiry but not to issue the final decision.

However, upon the final decision being given by the CCI imposing the penalty, HMIL filed a contempt petition in the High Court against CCI. As reported, CCI has given an undertaking in the High Court that the final order was passed as a result of a penalty gap and would not be enforced