Ian Hanna, an Ontario anti-wind crusader, has been denied permission to appeal an earlier court decision that dismissed his judicial review application. 

Hanna’s application challenged Ontario Regulation 359/09 that governs renewable energy approvals in Ontario. The Regulation requires a 550 meter distance between wind turbines and noise receptors such as residences.

Hanna argued that there was no scientific basis for the 550 setback. He challenged the regulation on the basis that the Minister of Energy had not followed the necessary process required by Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). Section 11 of the EBR requires the Minister to consider the Statement of Environmental Values (SEV) when making decisions that might significantly effect the environment. In turn, the SEV requires the Ministry to “use a precautionary, science-based approach in its decision-making”. Hanna argued the Ministry had failed to meet that requirement when it determined the setback distance.

Hanna’s application went before the Ontario Divisional Court and was dismissed in March 2011. The court was satisfied that the Minister complied with the process required by the EBR and SEV. In support of this, the court cited public consultation and a science-based ministerial review using World Health Organization reports and acoustic engineering experts. 

Hanna vowed to fight on and sought leave to appeal the decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal, but on June 20 the court denied his application.