The United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training publishes an Environmental Case Crimes Bulletin (“Bulletin”) that summarizes publicized investigative activity and adjudicated cases supported by EPA Criminal Investigation Division special agents, forensic specialists, and legal support staff.

A copy of the November, 2016 edition has been published.

The November 2016 Bulletin lists the following matters:



Case Type/Status


Darren Kattan

Clean Air Act/Title 18/Allegedly designing, building, and selling devices programmed to fraudulently bypass motor vehicle emissions inspection tests


Mark Ventresca

Clean Water Act/Allegedly tampering with required monitoring methods and submitting false statements


Thomas Davanzo and Robert Fedyna, Southern Resources and commodities, Gen-X Energy Group

Clean Air Act/Alleged fraudulent sale of biodiesel credits and fraudulent claim of tax credits


Timothy J. Smith, S&S Salvage LLC

Clean Air Act/Alleged failure to follow federal safety regulations during demolition


Kevin P. Mason Builder, LLC

Kevin Mason and Jennifer Ashlee Davis

Rivers and Harbors Act/Alleged installation of illegal boat lifts without the requisite federal permits from the United States Army Corps of Engineers


Crowell Farms Inc., Michael Alexander Crowell

Clean Water Act/Allegedly discharging cow feces into French Broad river


Duke Energy Beckjord, LLC

Clean Water Act/ Alleged negligent discharge of oil


William Letona

Title 18/Alleged conspiracy in connection with EPA and IRS Investigations (RINs Fraud)


William “Bill” Lafon Musgrove

Clean Air Act/Probation Violation – Alleged negligent release of extremely hazardous substance (returning to unpermitted operations)


Donald James Warnke

Clean Water Act/Allegedly unlawfully disposing of sewage sludge from a publically owned treatment works


Dunes Edge Storage, Kyle Vestermark

Safe Drinking Water Act/Alleged conspiracy to illegally dispose of sewage underground

A copy of the Bulletin which contains detailed descriptions of the referenced matters can be downloaded here.