In the latest suit over the use of “natural” advertising claims, a California resident filed a class action suit against Kashi in which it alleged that the company falsely advertised its food products as having “Nothing Artificial,” despite the inclusion of unnatural and synthetic ingredients.

The plaintiff purchased Kashi’s Heart to Heart Apple Cinnamon instant oatmeal because it purported to be natural, she claims.

But after learning that it contained artificial ingredients like ascorbic acid and xanthan gum, she filed suit in California federal court.

Kashi has “built its image around being all natural and wholesome,” according to the complaint, but such claims are misleading because of the company’s use of artificial ingredients and synthetic substances.

“A reasonable consumer would understand the terms ‘nothing artificial’ and/or ‘natural’ to mean that the ingredients in the product are all natural and there is nothing synthetic or artificial that make up that product,” the suit contends.

The complaint alleges violations of California’s false advertising and unfair competition laws and seeks statutory and general damages.

To read the complaint in Espinola v. Kashi Co., click here.

Why it matters: The suit is the second filed against Kashi in recent months over similar claims and joins a slew of recent consumer class actions over companies making “all natural” health and nutrition claims.