As we now know, the provincial general election brought the Liberals into a majority position in Ontario. Once the election was called, we entered the “caretaker period” where a general suspension of work is triggered (except for routine administrative work and matters of emergency). This period effectively suspends progress on any new policy or program initiatives as well as in progress consultation work. The Condominium Act review team completed the public consultation process immediately prior to election call and the reports from outside consultants and stakeholder groups were delivered, however the internal policy deliberations within the Ministry of Consumer Services were at that time still underway. Accordingly, all work on the Condominium Act review initiative was also suspended.

Once the Ministry is confirmed over the next week or so, it is expected the Ministry of Consumer Services will resume its internal policy work. Given the high consumer protection value and substantive investment of time and energy from both the public and government in the Condominium Act review initiative thus far as well as the Liberal majority, it is expected that progress on this initiative will move forward more quickly to completion. We will continue to keep you updated.