In the September, 2006 issue of Insolvency Notes, the effect of the overhaul of the bankruptcy laws in the Czech Republic was discussed. As was the case at that time, the new insolvency laws were to become effective July 1, 2007. It now appears that the effective date will be delayed. The lower house of Czech Parliament gave fast-track approval recently to a bill for delaying implementation of the new bankruptcy act by six months, to January 1, 2008. Senate and presidential approval is still needed. Justice Minister Jir?í Pospís?il said the delay is necessary so that the insolvency registry can be put in place. Specifically, the delay is based on the concern that the insolvency register under the new law is not yet operable, and it is uncertain when it will be fully operational. The register refers to a database that will contain lists of bankruptcy trustees, debtors, and their case files. According to the Justice Minister, the private bankruptcy scheme cannot be implemented before this data is made available as part of the public record.