The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (“AGFC”) filed a Motion for Voluntary Dismissal of a Request for Adjudicatory Hearing & Commission Review (“Request”) it had previously filed before the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (“Commission”).

The AGFC had filed a September 16th Request regarding:

. . . the decision by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to issue NPDES and State Construction Permit No. AR0052621C to Waste Water Management, Inc. – Woodsland Edge Subdivision (“Woodsland Edge”) on August 18, 2016.

AGFC’s request addressed a Clean Water Act National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (“NPDES”) and State Construction permit issued to Woodsland Edge authorizing construction of a waste water treatment plant and discharge into Lake Conway.

The AGFC Motion for Voluntary Dismissal cites Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality correspondence referencing a request for termination of the NPDES discharge permit submitted by Waste Water Management, Inc. (“Waste Water”). Waste Water is stated to have requested the termination of the NPDES permit because the effluent discharge from the Woodsland Edge Subdivision will now be treated solely by Conway Corporation.

AGFC states that:

. . .This action by the Department now erases the necessity for the relief sought by AGFC.

A copy of the AGFC’s Motion for Voluntary Dismissal, along with associated Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality correspondence and Administrative Law Judge Charles Moulton’s Recommended Decision to the Commission to grant the motion can be downloaded here.