A proposal to prohibit physicians from querying their patients about the presence of guns in their homes passed last Monday after a compromise was reached between physician and gun lobbyists. Sen. Greg Evers, the sponsor of the proposal, S.B. 432, offered the amendment in the Health Regulation Committee. The amendment prohibits health care providers and facilities from entering information regarding firearm ownership into a patient's medical record when the provider knows that the information is not relevant to the patient's medical care or safety. Further, the amendment prohibits a health care provider or facility from inquiring about firearm ownership, unless the provider in good faith believes that such information is relevant to the patient's medical care or safety. The bill next goes to the Judiciary Committee for a hearing this afternoon, its second-to-last committee of reference. The companion in the House, H.B. 155 by Rep. Jason Brodeur, will be heard on Tuesday in the Health and Human Services Committee.