Guidance and best practices on how to increase compliance-business engagement including insight and top tips from compliance experts.

Compliance teams need to have a deep understanding of the business and commercial people strategy, as well as the associated challenges. This will enable them to actively participate in risk management and governance. Watch this short video on why it is important for compliance teams to foster engagement with business and commercial teams and how best to achieve this.

Compliance games have become an important tool to engage people within the business. The brain’s reward system and elements of competition between groups can help people retain more information which can be more effective than traditional training methods. 

Keeping compliance-business engagement high during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a real challenge for organisations. For compliance teams, it is about finding the balance between providing the right amount of information to drive compliance engagement and ensuring not to overburden people. This video looks at best practices for facilitating compliance-business engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See also this inside view on managing compliance risk in a COVID and post-COVID world.

Check out this interview which looks at what makes a great compliance leader, including leading with compassion and emotional intelligence, as well as influencing and treating people with respect.

Key interviews from compliance experts

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