The Ministry of Health through the Food Administration, as part of the proceeding of streamlining and simplification of procedures, has introduced the registry of products on line, with the purpose of reducing the time of product registration, promoting at the same time the competitiveness of the country and contributing to commerce.

Currently, without this online system, the registry of the sanitary proceedings is complex due to the fact that the process is done manually, which implies duplication of procedures and inscription of products in a longer time. For the moment, the electronic platform will allow the submission of Foods and Beverages requests, in this way the Ministry officials will follow up on the requests submitted electronically until the evaluation process is completed and the registry authorization is issued, minimizing the number of visits to the Ministry of Health.

As part of a second phase of the project, the Ministry will provide access to users, operators, representatives and entrepreneurs, allowing them to review the status of their registrations and online consultations. It is expected that in the future, other divisions such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics and hygiene are included. The inclusion of technology in the Nicaraguan registration system is an important advancement for commerce, and the systematization of proceedings which contribute to economic development.