On September 23, 2008, at the NAIC Fall meeting in National Harbor, Maryland, the Life Insurance and Annuities (A) Committee (the "Committee") covered a number of issues with respect to viatical settlements. Specifically, the Committee discussed whether it should revise the NAIC Viatical Settlement Model Act to incorporate provisions from the NCOIL Model Act to address, among other things, the issue of stranger initiated life insurance trusts. It considered licensing life expectancy providers (which are entities that evaluate the mortality of the insured life of policies that may settle). It also contemplated creating a viatical settlement working group to establish training procedures and develop compliance materials. The Committee did not come to any resolution with respect to these topics, but agreed to continue its discussions going forward. Additionally, the Committee has schedule a special regulatory symposium in Des Moines, Iowa, on November 6 and 7 to train regulators who are charged with effectuating viatical settlement laws enacted in 2008.