It has been announced, that Flextronics has received approval from EU data protection authorities for its binding corporate rules (BCRs). The approval covers all of Flextronics EU's operations. BCRs represent the platinum standard for data protection compliance and Flextronics is one of a small number of companies that have obtained this recognition. Flextronics worked with Dentons to develop the BCR privacy programme.

Flextronics is a global supplier in the design, build, shipping and servicing of electronic products. It operates in over 30 countries and employs over 180,000 individuals worldwide.

EU data protection law applies strict standards for data privacy compliance. The BCRs set out commitments of Flextronics including on notice, fairness and security, as contained in the Flextronics Data Privacy Standards. This means that Flextronics' systems reflect best practice and also permit it to transfer personal data internationally.

Paul Baldassari, Chief People & Resource Officer at Flextronics, said: "Data privacy compliance is fundamental to Flextronics and we're delighted to now have this international recognition for our data privacy assurance and compliance."

David Smith, Deputy Commissioner at the Information Commissioner's Office, said: "Flextronics should be commended for its commitment to the concept of binding corporate rules and for the respect for the privacy of individuals that this demonstrates. The ICO welcomes approaches from multinational organisations that need to share personal information with their own group, but outside Europe, and who want to use binding corporate rules to enable that".