Vauxhall has upgraded the inspection and reworking programme for its Zafira ‘B’ model to a full safety recall.

Around 130 fires have been reported in Zafira ‘B’ models, on sale from 2008 to 2013. In December last year Vauxhall initiated an inspection and rework programme, contacting owners of almost 235,000 affected cars. This has now been upgraded to a full safety recall.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has agreed with Vauxhall’s investigations which identified the cause of the fires as faulty repairs of a thermal fuse in a resistor that forms part of the heating and ventilation system in cars with manual air conditioning or no air-conditioning.

Vauxhall Chairman Rory Harvey told Auto Express: “We recognise that some of these cars could be on their third, fourth or even fifth owners and people may be driving vehicles which have been improperly repaired without their knowledge or before they bought the vehicle. That’s why we wanted to instigate this recall”.

Vauxhall hopes that the recall action can be completed within three months.