On November 16, Governor Huntsman of Utah announced the launch of an $88 million project for carbon sequestration. The project is set to last 10 years and is to be led by University of Utah engineering professor Brian McPherson. CO2 will be injected into deep saltwater-filled sandstone formations near Wellington, Utah, about 130 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Both naturally occurring CO2 from the project site as well as CO2 from a coal-bed methane development will be injected at a pressure of 2,200 psi's and at a rate of three million tons over four years. McPherson said, "The formation we are injecting into holds carbon dioxide that's been there for millennia. It's static. The difference is when we inject it, it will be moving around. Over time, it dissolves into brine. Over hundreds of years, it will mineralize." Following the four years of injection, there will be six years worth of research and monitoring of the carbon dioxide to determine how it affects the temperature and pressure of the brine.