A new year and new challenges. Corporate providers will certainly see a new challenge with the CQC as it adopts a greater level of focus on the corporate provider, over 30,000 of whom were registered at the last count.

The new approach will see:

  1. Registration of the corporate entity that really controls the provision of care, namely the company in the structure with real ‘direction, and control of care’. New proposals for this will be piloted in the spring.
  2. Provider level assessments and a rating for ‘well led’. This will involve assessing the management team and thus presumably a CQC inspection team will be coming to the HQ offices of corporate providers to do this. Time to tidy up the office?

Other CQC changes for this year include new KLOEs, but the new focus on the ultimate provider is a further step in a direction of travel that demonstrates the increasing focus on ensuring accountability for the delivery of good quality care.