Four producers of cathode ray tubes used for television and computer screens have agreed to a settlement in response to European Commission allegations of involvement in an EU-wide co-ordinated price cartel between 1999 and 2004. The companies, Asahi Glass, Nippon Electric and Schott AG were fined a total of €128,736,000 for their participation. The fines imposed included a reduction of 10 per cent for the companies’ acknowledgement of participation in the cartel resulting in early settlement of the case. The fourth participant, Samsung Corning Precision Materials, was granted full immunity for alerting the Commission to the cartel. Commissioner Almunia, commended the companies on their readiness to settle which enabled early resolution of the investigation. This is the fourth case in which the Commission has used the new settlement procedure in a cartel investigation. Earlier cases concerned DRAMs, Animal feed and household laundry detergents.