Through strong sustained investment Paraguay aims to reach the most important positions within the top 10 Meat Exporting Countries Worldwide.

The goal: to export 600,000 tons of beef per year

Investment: USD 3 billion from the private sector in the next 10 years

Because livestock is the mainstay of socioeconomic development of Paraguay´s Western Region (a.k.a Chaco) and the Mennonite colonies are the backbone of this development, with their know-how and logistics, in this moment, despite the detection of a grow of 600% in production, Chaco has many weaknesses that make Paraguay is located at position No. 9 in the world, as a beef exporter.

The 9th position represents a challenge for the country, which aims to take the 5th place in 2023, if projections turn out as they should.

Chaco has an unpredictable and extreme weather, the infrastructure is poor: roads, communication and power lines.

Every year, during the month of July, an international fair called International Livestock, Industry, Agriculture, Trade and Services Fair and the National Exhibition of Livestock take place in the city of Mariano Roque Alonso. These two fairs are currently at their 23rd. and 69th edition, respectively, showing that this Labor Fair has become an important meeting point for business, not only in Paraguay, but in the Southern Cone.

These conclusions were taken as part of the 2014 Expo, in which, Chaco relevant business men, gave a good account of the strength and determination of the livestock industry, while lamenting the lack of road infrastructure.

However, unanimously, the recently approved Law on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP Law) was supported and in all the hopes of the producers who see the law as the starting point to reach the target: 5th place in the world, were deposited in it.