On 7 July 2009 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) fined the Hellenic Republic of Greece (Greece) a lump sum of €2 million and €16,000 per day, for failure to recover the illegal State aid that it granted to Olympic Airways (Case C415/03). The fines were imposed in accordance with Article 228 EC Treaty. The daily fine will start from one month after the day of the judgement until the infringement ceases, which is a grace period to allow Greece time to demonstrate that it has made recovery. In 2002, the European Commission decided that restructuring aid granted to Olympic Airways was incompatible with the EC State aid rules. Greece should have recovered €41 million of aid which so far it has only partially recovered. The European Commission took a further case to the ECJ to enforce the infringement decision by imposing penalties on Greece.

Fines on Member States

Article 228 of the EC Treaty enables the ECJ to impose fines on Member States for failing to comply with judgements