TI has published what it describes as a "mid-term corruption health-check" for the UK Government. Its results show that while there is no endemic corruption in the UK, there are several areas of significant concern that the Government should address and act upon. The survey looked at 26 areas, and gave a "green" rating to only six, rating a further six as "red" on its traffic light system. It is particularly concerned about a range of issues, including:

  • the lack of a coordinated strategy to combat corruption and of publicly available and meaningful data on corruption;
  • the prison service;
  • controls and oversight of movement between the Government and the private sector;
  • political party funding (TI recommends a cap of £10,000 on donations per donor per year);
  • the need to strengthen and improve procedures to help developing countries to recover looted assets and the proceeds of corruption; and
  • the threat of a review of the Bribery Act, when it is of critical importance that it be enforced effectively. The report is critical of the lack of significant prosecutions under the Act.

(Source: TI Publishes UK Anti-Corruption Scorecard)