The 2019 round of applications for permanent residency in Thailand is open from July 1 until the last business day of December 2019. The opening date is a few months earlier than in previous years.

The Immigration Act sets the quota for foreigners who wish to apply for Thai permanent residency in 2019 at no more than 100 people per nationality, and 50 for stateless people. Nationals of a dependent territory of another country will be counted in the quota for the administrative state. Each major territorial unit that has its own sovereignty will be considered as one country.

The categories under which a permanent residence application can be submitted include:

  1. investment;
  2. working/business;
  3. humanitarian (e.g., for spouse, parent, or child of a Thai national);
  4. experts; and
  5. extraordinary circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Each category has specific requirements for supporting documentation, covering factors such as the applicant’s status, contributions to Thailand’s economic and social well-being, professional position, income, knowledge and skill, professional proficiency, family connections to a Thai national, and conditions relating to national security.

Foreigners who reside in Bangkok can submit their application at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok. Applicants living outside Bangkok should contact the immigration office with jurisdiction over their province