The Government has recently launched an inquiry into the effectiveness of current equality legislation and the proposals set out in the Equality Bill. The focus of the inquiry, amongst other matters, is to seek opinions on the following key issues:-

  • how effective the Department for Work and Pensions has been in achieving equality in employment;
  • how the Equality Bill could open up opportunities in employment, particularly for disabled people, carers and pensioners;
  • how should the Equality Bill respond to the decision in The London Borough of Lewisham v Malcolm (see "Discrimination on the Grounds of Disability", reported in this update);
  • how should the Government improve the protection of carers following the decision in Coleman v Attridge Law (and Another) (reported in our Equality & Diversity update - March 2008); and
  • how should disability fit within a Single Equality Act.

Written comments from interested parties are expected by 26 November 2008. We will comment on any material results from the inquiry, when released.