Under the UAE’s Sharia-based Family Laws, there are a number of rights and obligations set out for the benefit of both husband and wife. These laws govern various aspects of the couple’s relationship and family, but the main points are established below as set out in Articles 54 to 56 of Law 28 of the Personal Status Law.

  • The first category explains the rights and obligations that should exist mutually between husband and wife which includes respect, kindness and consideration towards the family as well as the obligation to work together in the best interest of the family. This includes educating the children and giving them a fair chance to develop in a healthy environment.
  • The second category, defined as husband’s obligations to the wife, outline the husband is required to allow the wife to continue with her education and he should not prohibit her from visiting her family. He must also not harm her personal and financial assets, or harm her physically or morally. This applies to all wives equally, if the husband has more than one.
  • The third category outlines the obligations the wife has to the husband. These include obeying her husband and taking care of both the matrimonial home and the children.

The points outlined above are just a snapshot of the many rights and duties in both directions.