The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published modifications to the 2013 Food Code based on recommendations made by industry, regulators and other stakeholders during the 2014 Biennial Meeting of the Conference for Food Protection. The Food Code and its Supplement offer the federal agency’s best advice for minimizing the risk of food-borne illness in retail and foodservice venues.

Changes to the 2013 iteration of the Code include: (i) clarification of what information should be included in a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan required by a regulatory authority; (ii) clarification of the difference between Typhoid Fever and non-typhoidal Salmonellosis when reporting illness and the exclusion and restriction of sick food employees; and (iii) expansion of the duties of the “Person in Charge” to include oversight of the routine monitoring of food temperatures during hot and cold holding. FDA plans to issue its next complete revision of the Food Code in 2017. See FDA Constituent Update, July 2, 2015.