Trade mark owners should take action before Friday 28 October if they wish to block registration of their mark as an address in the new .XXX top level domain for adult entertainment websites.  By submitting a "reservation request" before this date to an accredited domain name Registrar, a trade mark owner can block any use of a .XXX domain identical to their trade mark.  The cost of submitting a reservation request will vary between Registrars but will typically be in the region of £200 for a registration block that lasts 10 years.  The reservation process will require the trade mark owner to provide evidence of a current trade mark registration identical to the domain it is seeking to reserve.

After the 28th October deadline, unreserved .XXX domain names will be available for general registration and trade mark owners would have to purchase the XXX domain name (and pay an annual registration fee) to prevent third party use, or rely upon dispute resolution procedures to address abusive third party registrations.  Trade mark owners should therefore seriously consider a proactive response, given the extra expense which would be involved in tackling a subsequent abusive third party registration.