The Complaints Commissioner has rejected a complaint about how FCA handled the publication of its agreements with banks in interest rate hedging products (IRHP). The complainant contended it would have considered a better solution to the dispute with its bank had it had access to the agreements between FCA and banks that were published in 2015. The Complaints Commissioner says FCA should not have dealt with the initial complaint using the “local area” level, and should apologise for providing contradictory information. However, he said he should uphold the complaint only if he could conclude FCA should never have entered into the agreements with the banks or had unreasonably delayed or not pursued the issue of permission for their disclosure more aggressively. He considered FCA’s position that it was in the public’s best interest that it reaches prompt agreement on voluntary redress schemes, which can only happen if there is confidentiality. He said this is clearly arguable, but not manifestly wrong. (Source: Complaints Commissioner judges on IRHP complaint)