The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently announced that it has enhanced its iCERT system to include FEIN verifications that have been completed in the PERM system. Under the PERM process, the DOL has been requiring employers to provide verification of business existence, which also includes a request to provide FEIN evidence. According to the DOL, any FEIN verification completed during the PERM employer existence verification process will not be incorporated into the iCERT database. This means that if an employer completed the FEIN verification previously through the PERM system, the iCERT system should be able to confirm this information without the need to have the employer complete the verification in the iCERT system for the H-1B process. The DOL has indicated that new FEIN verifications are being introduced into the iCERT system daily as PERM employer existence verifications are completed. The DOL advises that because this is a data transfer from the PERM system to the iCERT system, employers wait a day or two from the time the PERM employer existence notification is received to submit an LCA application through iCERT. Furthermore, employers can now submit FEIN data verification to the DOL in advance of the LCA filing to speed up the FEIN verification process.