The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (“FCCA”) published a report on the regulation of the location of grocery stores and the land policy of communities. According to the FCCA, plot allocation and regulations on the location of grocery stores reduce competition on the grocery market and lead to ineffectiveness of other functions guaranteeing effective competition. The FCCA found that complex and detailed regulations strengthen the position of market leaders. For instance, establishing new large-scale grocery stores has been made almost impossible despite the fact that such grocery stores are an essential part of the modern retail competition in terms of effectiveness and consumer behaviour. Based on the report, the FCCA gave several recommendations, such as adding the promotion of competition to the objectives of the Land Use and Building Act, waiving the requirement of placing large-scale grocery stores to city centres if sound competition so demands, increasing openness and transparency on all levels of zoning and plot policy, using invitations to tender more frequently as a way of assigning registered plots and giving actors equal opportunities to make planning reservations. The FCCA’s study relates to the reform of the competition regulations in the grocery sector. Source: The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, 6/6/2013