A Chilean appellate court has ruled that the nation’s National Fisheries and Agricultural Services must issue its data about antibiotics in Chilean salmon, which revealed that 50 salmon firms jointly used 450.7 metric tons of antibiotics in 2013. Chile’s Council for Transparency previously refused to release the information to conservation organization Oceana, arguing that the disaggregated data could be used against individual companies. The court disagreed, reportedly ruling, “The reasons given by the claimed party to refuse the requested information are not consistent with what establish the applicable regulations.” The report comes months after Costco Wholesale Corp. announced it would reduce the proportion of its salmon stock from 90 percent Chilean salmon to 40 percent in favor of salmon from Norway, whose fish-farming companies on average use lower amounts of antibiotics. See Fish Information & Services, September 11, 2015; Undercurrent News, September 21, 2015.