With new state employment laws continuously being enacted, it can be challenging to keep up on each change and ensure that your policies and practices are compliant. We have your solution.

This monthly digest is designed to keep you apprised of upcoming major state law changes in areas including paid sick and safe leave laws, family and parental leave, recreational and medicinal marijuana use, workplace gun laws, asking candidates about salary history and unpredictable scheduling.

Here’s what’s on the horizon:

June 2019

  • Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act takes effect June 15 to clarify the state’s existing medical marijuana law.
  • New Mexico ban the box law effective June 14.

July 2019

  • D.C. paid family leave payroll tax begins on July 1. Benefits effective July 1, 2020.
  • Glenview, Illinois opts in to Cook County paid sick leave law effective July 1.
  • New Jersey expands coverage of paid family leave program to employers with 30 or more employees effective July 1.

August 2019

  • Dallas paid sick leave law effective August 1.


  • Washington paid family leave law effective.
  • Duluth, Minnesota paid sick leave law effective January 1.
  • New Jersey expands paid family leave benefits effective July 1.

In case you missed it:

April 2019

  • Michigan paid sick leave law enacted.
  • New Mexico caregiver leave law enacted.

What to Watch:

Texas Battles Over Local Paid Sick Leave Laws

The debate over paid sick leave rages on in Texas after Dallas passed its own paid sick leave law, which takes effect August 1. The new law was approved despite a Texas state court striking down Austin’s paid sick leave law in 2018 and active debate in the Texas legislature over whether such rules should be banned statewide. A bill that would prevent cities from mandating that employers offer paid sick leave to employees was approved by the Texas Senate earlier this month, but the legislation has so far stalled in the Texas House. Austin, San Antonio and Dallas have all passed their own sick leave laws, but it remains to be seen whether any of the legislation will ultimately go into effect.